Urban & Esports Festival
February 15th - 16th
Ķīpsala International
Exhibition Center

During the HyperTown festival we touch every single aspect of gaming culture, from pure entertainment to science and technology, from eSports tournaments to cosplay shows.

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Baltic Esports League Finals

CS:GO finals

The best Baltic teams in Counter-Strike:Global Offensive will meet on the HyperTown stage to compete for the grand prize - 9’000€.

More information on Baltic esports league at besl.pro

Cosplay Show

More than 50 solo and group cosplayers from the Baltics will perform on stage in front of an outstanding panel of judges - world-famous cosplay artists

Cosplayer Application

Technology Expo

World's most notable tech brands together with local companies will deliver an unforgettable experience for the visitors by showcasing their latest products and engaging the customers in most exciting ways imaginable

Content Creators

HyperTown RIX will host some of Latvia's most popular and successful Content Creators from YouTube, Twitch. The visitors will have a unique opportunity to see their favourite online stars in flesh. How they perform on stage answering questions about the livestreams or videos.

Lifestyle zona

“Beauty zonā” konsultācijas par aktuālākajām grima tendencēm, iespēja saņemt bezmaksas make-up, kā arī izmēģināt aktuālākās frizūras un sejas kopšanas līdzekļus. Vecāki varēs atpūsties “Vecāku zonā” – noskatīties jaunākos šovus, seriālus un filmas, kā arī satikties ar iedvesmojošām personībām. “Active Zone” aicinās izmēģināt jaunas un efektīgas atrakcijas, bet paši mazākie varēs radoši darboties dronu konstruēšanas darbnīcās un izlēkāties piepūšamajās atrakcijās.

Other Activities

Marketplace & Merch
A place to enjoy multicultural foods & beverages, as well as obtain merch for gamers, geeks, and gadget-lovers.
Console Tournaments
You will able to compete in many different console tournaments troughout both days
Robotics & Automation
RC car races, robots, artificial intelligence... The future will shine at HyperTown
RPG Tavern
Medieval tavern for bypassers to enjoy legendary fantasy role-play games such as Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder
VR Zone
Various types of VR controllers, headsets, and games for everyone to try
Board Game Area
Countless board game titles for beginners and more experienced players to try
Retro Game Area
Area dedicated to vintage games, consoles, and arcades
Mannequin Alley
During the festival, you'll be able to check out costumes placed on mannequins from your favourite movies, tv-series or even games.
Photography Exibition
Photo exhibition devoted to the best cosplayers and cosplay costumes.
Zone to have a calm and relaxing time while kids are exploring HyperTown
Area dedicated to reveal secrets and get hands on the most recent trends.
See, participate and learn some moves or let silent disco carry you away.
See your influencer stars in close. Some hints and tricks are awaiting. And do use a chance to talk to them. As well learn some new things

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2 adults & 2 kids
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Group price (6+1)
7 people
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