CS: The GO PC game is not rated by PEGI. HyperTown carried out the analysis itself, and as a result, the recommended size for the age-old storyboard was 16+. The main points of the reasoning for the assessment are as follows.

PEGI has posted on its website (http://www.pegi.info/et/):
PEGI 16: This restriction is used when the depictions of violence are similar to those in real life. Films marked with this age limit may include, among other things, depictions of criminal activities.
This description corresponds to the CS: GO game scenario because the characters are human-like and the goal is to eliminate the opponent.

PEGI 18: An adult rating is used when the level of violence reaches a stage where its depictions are brutal and / or depictions of certain types of violence are characteristic. The brutality of violence is the hardest to define because in many cases its understanding can be very subjective. In general, however, brutal violence can be categorized as depicting violence, which causes the visitor to feel trapped.
CS: GO gaming models are similar to people and blood is seen in the game, but the result of killing an opponent is the opponent falling down. After the end of the round (less than 2 minutes), all players eliminated in the meantime will start again. In any case, the body remains intact in the event of bomb blasts (in this case, the supplement does not apply). Blood is used in the game only to mark the opponent's betting - it's possible to decide if the opponent has been attacked and give team members valuable information about the opponent's position.
The PEGI CS: GO console version assessment was influenced by the existence of a hostage mode alteration that is not used in the PC system. The purpose of this mode is to protect terrorists from hijacking two hostages and hostile hostages in a safe place. Both members of the crew are punished (loss of points) for injury to prisoners. You can not kill a prisoner.
The use of guns or grenades (including Molotov) in the game is featured. It is not possible to learn creating none of the features in-game.

The 5vs5 format used in eSports and the BESL tournament requires strategic co-operation as a team - the main goal of the game is to prevent or eliminate an opponent. Both teams have to play in one 30 rounds of the game, both on the side of terrorists and counter-terrorists. Based on our analysis, we conclude that CS: GO does not encourage cruelty or violence.