BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) rules

Entrance from 18 years or from 16 with signed parental authority

Price - 45 EUR

Max Capacity - 640 people

Availability - Only with BYOC wristband

Equipment - Each participant will have space 80cm long, a chair, electric socket and LAN cable (10mb/sec)

Overnight - Will be available for free in the PowerNap zone ( if all spots are not taken ) or for extra price at Ķīpsala camping zone (with tent).

Catering - During the day, catering is available in any cafe, one will be located at BYOC hall, second - in the main hall, during the night cafe in BYOC hall will continue to work, but it will be also possible to order take-out from local delivery services.

Technician - Will accept requests and questions 24/7 either at the info center, either via SMS.

Check-in - starts at Friday, 31st of May, 18:00.

Check-out - ends at Sunday, 2nd of June, 20:00.

Local tournaments - Registration will be open from 15th of April (Games - League of Legends, Counter-Strike:Global Offensive, Overwatch, DOTA 2, PUBG and others)

Alcoholic drinks - Participants are not allowed to carry in any alcoholic drinks, but it will be possible to buy them at the bar.

For an additional fee it will be possible to store valuables at the information center.

ID or Passport - All BYOC participants will be required to show it at the registration.