Cosplay Contest rules and guidelines

Important information

Deadline to apply: January 26th 2019 23:59:59 CET+1
Website to apply for the contest:
Contest dates: Sunday February 16th.
Categories: Solo (1 member) and Group (2-8 members).
Performance length: 90 seconds for a solo and 180 seconds for group.
Requirements for costumes: The same costume can be used for only one performance. Costumes may not be original designs and must be based on an officially published source.
Contact e-mail: to make sure that your application is received.

Registration rules

Anyone can participate in the Hyper Town Cosplay Contest. There are no gender, nationality or age limitations, but young contestants (younger than 12) must have a written permit from their parents or guardians.

Applicants must submit a completed entry through in order to be selected for the Hyper Town Cosplay Contest. The applications can be sent until January 26th 2019 23:59:59 CET+1. It is contestant’s responsibility to contact the Cosplay Contest Director through the official e-mail ( to confirm that the entry was received. If the Cosplay Contest Director was not contacted before the deadline, the administration does not take the responsibility for the applications that were not received on time due to technical issues.

All applications after the deadline WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED! Finished applications must have: 1) all the requested personal information; 2) an audio file in mp3 format (not less than 128kbps, 44kHz); 3) a stage reference picture (size: minimum 1024x768, format: JPG, PNG and BMP); 4) minimum 1 maximum 3 detailed reference pictures for judges; and 4) a YouTube link to a pre recorded performance. Not obligatory, but the addition of photos of the finished costume/s might significantly increase the chances of an application getting selected to participate in the contest. Incomplete applications will not be accepted!

Cosplay contest costume rules

The contest is open to all character costumes regardless of origin – anime, television, video game, live action e.t.c, BUT they may not be original designs and must be based on an officially published source. Costumes MUST cover areas normally covered by swimsuits or underwear – i.e. breasts, genitals and buttocks. All cosplay props must be made out of safe materials (plastic, worbla, wood, foam, etc). No metal weapons are allowed at the convention. All unsafe props will be confiscated at the entrance until the end of the event. The same costume can be used for only one performance.

Cosplay contest performance rules

The maximum length for a solo performance is 60 seconds and 150 seconds for group. The administration has the right to request a different audio file or allow a longer performance for some individuals or groups. If the applicant wishes to perform on a specific day (that being Saturday or Sunday), a beforehand notice email must be sent to the Cosplay Contest Director through the official e-mail (

All contestants must be present in the morning for the costume prejudging (exact time is yet to be announced) and for the line up, that will take place behind the stage 10 minutes before the contest. Once the final performance schedule is announced, no changes in the order will be made. Any contestants or groups, that will not be ready to perform on stage at their assigned time, will be disqualified from the contest.

All contestants must enter and exit the stage at the designated areas and nowhere else. The administration does not permit any jumping on or off stage, offensive language, political statements or gestures or any other activity that is against convention policy or would otherwise disturb the convention’s family friendly environment.

Cosplay contest performance props rules

All Applicants that wish to use props during the performance MUST send a request in a written form and wait for the Cosplay Contest Director’s written approval. Anytype of liquids or powders (flour, glitter, sand e.t.c.) may NOT be used during the performance. Just like props the use of any special performance accessories (such as confetti) must be requested and approved in a written form. The violation of these rules may result in Applicants disqualification from the contest.

Cosplay contest prizes

Contestants will be judged by a jury of experts on overall quality of the costume, stage presentation, presence and interpretation of the character.

The cosplay prizes will be distributed accordingly:

1st place in the Solo category 350 EUR
2nd place in the Solo category 170 EUR
3rd place in the Solo category 80 EUR
1st place in the Group category 500 EUR
2nd place in the Group category 250 EUR
3rd place in the Group category 150 EUR

Important notice

Failure to comply with these or any other Hyper Town staff instructions will result in disqualification. Severe infractions can result in ejection from the premises. Our goal is to have fun in a safe, fun contest in a family friendly environment! Thank you for your cooperation. If a disagreement that is not related to the violation of the federal law occurred between the Organizer and Contestant - both parties shall review the occurred disagreement without involving a third party. While doing so both the Organizer and the Contestant agree to treat each other in a respectful and supportive manner.